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Specialist Diploma in Psychology (Counselling Psychology)

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Psychology is a discipline that involves the study of people – how they think, act, feel, perceive and react. Concerned with all aspects of behaviour, psychology looks at thoughts, feelings and motivation, which underlies such behaviour. A Specialist Diploma in Psychology will give you an understanding of why humans behave as they do; why they differ from one another; and how they are affected by living and working together. It also equips you with basic skills in analysing, understanding, researching, changing, and evaluating human behaviour as well as exploring the interaction between people and their physical and social environments. Students will cover business, counselling and early childhood psychology. As the level of stress for working executives’ increase along with the standard of living, there is an increasing demand for professionals in these areas.

Structure & Content

To qualify for the award of Specialist Diploma in Psychology (Counselling Psychology), students are required to complete eight (8) units comprising:

Four (4) Core Units

  • Psychology Around Us
  • Human Development from a Psychologist’s Perspective
  • Psychology: Statistics & Research Methods
  • Critical Thinking in Social Psychological Context

Two (2) Specialisation Units in Counselling Psychology

  • Counselling & Communication Skills
  • Self-Awareness & Group Dynamics

Two (2) units from other specialisations

  • Specialisation in Business Psychology
  • Applied Business Psychology
  • Crisis Stress Management

Specialisation in Early Childhood Psychology

  • Disorders of Infancy & Childhood
  • Early Childhood & Development

Entry Requirements

This is an industry-oriented programme and applicants are required to have a minimum of two (2) years working experience. Applicants should also possess one (1) of the following:

  • Full GCE ‘A‘ level, OR
  • ITE Higher Nitec, OR
  • High School Qualification equivalent to Year Twelve (12) in the case of international students, OR
  • SMF Institute Certificate in Foundation Studies
  • Matured candidates with substantial working experience would be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Delivery methods

  • Classroom

Assesment Methods

  • Combination of course work and examinations

Graduation and Degree

  • Specialist Diploma in Psychology (Counselling Psychology), SMF Institute of Higher Learning, Singapore

Commencement date

Jan / Apr / Jul / Oct

Full/part time

Part Time

Length of course

within 10 months on a part time basis

Course Price

$ 4,922.00


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