Иностранные студенты

Suites of Service
Study Tour
Schoogle study tours are all unique and tailored according to a student or a group’s needs and preferences. Students will be able to visit the school campus of their choices to assess the study environment, ask the schools any questions directly and even sit in during lessons to experience learning. All these will help manage students’ expectations and make informed decisions. Apart of school campus visits, there will be excursions and visits to local attractions to let students experience the multi-cultural lifestyle of Singapore.
Short Courses
Choose one or more courses from Schoogle courses directory and study in Singapore without the need of applying for a student pass, as most short courses usually pertain to less than 1 month. Same like Study tours, students experience the multi-cultural lifestyle of Singapore through excursions and cultural exchanges with local Singaporeans.
School Placement
Schoogle will help you match the standards of Singapore’s established schools and course providers by offering professional consultancy to prospective students. It is free of charge and we do not promote any schools in particular, with all schools listed in our portal. Schoogle helps you make an informed decision with no fuss.
Student Accommodation
Hotels, hostels or homestay can be arranged to suit a student’s preference or budget. For long-term stays, Schoogle will help you find residential rooms/apartments at no charge. Housekeeping and meals can be arranged.
Student Pass and Guardianship
International Students must obtain a valid Student Pass (STP) issued by the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) before they can commence their course. Students studying in Singapore also need a local sponsor who would offer guardianship advice and assistance. Leave all these tedious paperwork to Schoogle!
Travel and Ticketing Matters
Schoogle will arrange land transfers from airport to your choice of accommodation and back. We also help provide air tickets’ booking and facilitate other travel aspects, including travel insurance.
For enquiries on overseas students’ services, contact us here.

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