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Welcome to Schoogle

For Students

We are your top search destination for tertiary and professional development courses in Singapore. Whether you are an undergraduate, a graduate, a professional or an overseas student, we offer you an opportunity to search for the best academic and training courses provided by top universities, private education institutions and course providers. These courses will enhance your proficiency and knowledge, thus helping you climb the corporate ladder.

Schoogle matches the standards of private educational institutes in offering the best educational consultancy services to working adults and professionals. We help you search for a comprehensive variety of programmes, which include degree and postgraduate courses, diploma, certificates and professional courses among others. We also facilitate study loans and grants through our third party tie-up with banks, which provide a flexible repayment scheme. Schoogle offers a range of services to overseas students, including accommodation, professional education consultancy services, study tour, travel facilities, student pass and guardianship among others

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