Career Opportunities

We are a new startup and our environment is a very dynamic and complex one. Building the right team is essential for a startup’s success. As such, we are not looking for employees but rather team members who are passionate about working with small, driven groups of entrepreneurs, who loves the idea of wearing multiple hats and working word to complete a goal.
Joining a startup company is always going to be risky. The failure rate is high and 3 out of 4 startup do not survive up to age 3. This is probably the biggest factor why people choose to work for a large company that everyone recognized. On the upside, we are probably going to offer benefits that might appeals to you that big companies normally frown on.
How does these sounds to you:
1) Flexible working hour
2) Creativity and innovation
3) Empowerment/ownership of credits
4) Awesome culture and atmosphere
5) Valuable working experience
It doesn’t matter if you are a student or been out of the workforce for sometime.  As long as you think you have the expertise/knowledge/passion to contribute to our team as a whole, we hope to hear from you! Send us your CV to