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Diploma in Business Management

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In Singapore, the Business and Management courses rank amongst the top choices of study at both the polytechnics, as well as, the universities. This is due to generally promising employment prospects for those who have a business management degree as employers are increasingly looking for skilled professionals who can organise, develop, and lead teams in an organisation. The SMF Institute Diploma in Business Management aims to develop the knowledge, skills and professional practices that will enable you to undertake a range of roles in the business, accounting, marketing, human resource management, as well as, banking and finance sectors. The programme also provides a rigorous theoretical and practical knowledge base that prepares graduates for further Higher Education studies.

Structure & Content

To qualify for the award of Diploma in Business Management, students are required to complete five (5) core units and four (4) electives.

Core Units

  • GN101 Academic Literacy
  • BA101 Principles of Management
  • BA102 Principles of Marketing
  • BA103 Principles of Accounting
  • BA104 Principles of Economics

Students are encouraged to take the recommended elective combination for the following disciplines, to be eligible for advanced standing consideration in the Bachelor of Business by Edith Cowan University, Australia.

Electives for Accounting / Marketing

  • LAW1100 Legal Framework I
  • BA109 Business Communication
  • BA111 Introduction to Information Technology
  • BA117 Applied Corporate Finance

Electives for Human Resource Management / Management / Marketing

  • BA109 Business Communication
  • BA111 Introduction to Information Technology
  • BA108 Human Resource Management
  • BA117 Applied Corporate Finance

Electives for Hospitality Management / Tourism Management

  • BA108 Human Resource Management
  • BA109 Business Communication
  • BA111 Introduction to Information Technology
  • HT101 Introduction to Tourism

Electives for Retail Management

  • PS104 Critical Thinking in Social Psychological Context
  • PS108 Self-awareness & Group Dynamics
  • BA106 Quantitative Methods
  • BA113 Marketing Research & Information

Entry Requirements

  • Full GCE ‘A‘ level, OR
  • ITE Higher Nitec, OR
  • High School Qualification equivalent to Year Twelve (12) in the case of international students, OR
  • SMF Institute Certificate in Foundation Studies
  • Matured candidates with substantial working experience would be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Delivery methods

  • Classroom

Assesment Methods

  • Combination of attendance, assignments and examination.

Graduation and Degree

  • Diploma in Business Management, SMF Institute of Higher Learning, Singapore

Commencement date

Apr / Oct

Full/part time

Full Time, Part Time

Length of course

within 10 months on a part time or full time basis

Course Price

$ 4,922.00

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