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Developing a Consumer Focused Marketing Message+

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Why You Should Attend This Course:

An effective marketing campaign begins with an effective marketing message. It’s important that our message addresses the issue of who the message is for (the target market), why we offer our services (the benefits or the problem we solve for the target market) and how are we going to reach them (the marketing tactics and considerations of the marketing mix).

Crafting a consumer focused marketing message is a process. This course will cover four aspects for creating an effective message by assessing your target audience; determine how your products/services solve the target audiences’ problems; then develop a message that meets the underlying needs of the target market; followed by reviewing and evaluating the results to determine where you can improve for future campaigns.

Developing a Consumer Focused Marketing Message is a national competency unit from the Business Management (BM) Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ). It is suitable for Level 4 executives, managerial level staffs or entrepreneurs who want to develop marketing messages that will engage their target audience and move them into action.


Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion, participants will gain the knowledge and skills to write an effective marketing message. Competency elements covered in this unit include:

  • Assess target market to determine their underlying requirements with regard to organisation’s products/services.
  • Evaluate how organisation’s products/services solve or meet target market’s underlying requirements.
  • Craft marketing message that meets underlying requirements of target market.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of marketing message following campaign to identify areas of improvement.


Course Outline:


Introduction and Overview

  • Course objectives
  • Project requirements


Determine the target market segment for marketing message

  • What are the target audience demographics?
  • What are the target audience psychographics?


Evaluate how the organisation’s products/services solve or meet the target market’s underlying requirements

  • Identify the benefits or state the solutions of products/services


Determine the objectives of the marketing communication activities

  • Create or enhance brand awareness
  • Create customer awareness of needs that the organisation’s products/services may fulfill
  • Encourage actions from target audience, such as purchase of organisation’s products/services


Identify the characteristics of an effective marketing message

  • Is it compelling & is it credible?
  • Unique, Emotion driven
  • Message clarity
  • Relevant message
  • Use of appropriate language for target audience
  • Target audience action oriented


Consideration when selecting the marketing communications mix

  • Desired impact of the message
  • Available resources, such as budget and manpower
  • Organisation’s branding policy
  • Existing media platforms
  • Timing


Craft a marketing message that meets the underlying requirements of the target market

  • Review message of competitors
  • Articulate benefits of organisation’s products/service in a persuasive manner
  • Identify and evaluate organisation’s competitive advantages
  • Set message strategy
  • Review assessment of target market’s response to intended message


Evaluate effectiveness of the marketing message following the campaign to identify areas of improvement

  • Reach, Brand awareness
  • Brand loyalty
  • Recall, Visibility
  • Media mentions
  • Impressions per month
  • Cost effectiveness, including return on investments (ROI)
  • Frequency, Hit Rate


Review, Evaluation and Close


Who Can Benefit?

Level 4 executives, managerial level staffs or entrepreneurs who want to develop marketing messages that will engage their target audience and move them into action.



Participants will be assessed after they have been taught a particular competency through presentation, written assessment and oral questioning. A Competent or Not Yet Competent assessment will be given at the end of each competency unit to confirm if participants have acquired the skills and knowledge of the subject.



Upon successful completion, participant will receive a Statement of Attainment (SOA) in BM WSQ Developing a Consumer Focused Marketing Message awarded by WDA.


Course Fee Support

SDF and Absentee Payroll is available for company-sponsored Singaporeans and PRs only.


Course Duration

2 Days (18 training hours)

Day 1: 8:30am–6:30pm
Day 2: 8:30am–6:30pm


Trainer’s Profile:

This course will be conducted by subject matter experts who are fully ACTA certified by WDA.


WSQ Level Guide:


WSQ Level  Typical Responsibilities  Job Roles
 6 Directs business strategies and endorses policies and plans Chief Executive Officer, Chief Finance Officer, Chief Communications Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Audit Executive
 5 Provides input to and coordinates with leaders at Level 6, develops business strategies and plans, reviews and evaluates plans Finance Division Head, Human Resource Director, Marketing Director, Project Sponsor, Vice President, Licensing Head
 4 Implements and monitors organisational progammes and recommends solutions Sales Manager, Finance Manager, Project Manager, Assistant Manager, Relationship Manager, Programme Manager, Research & Development Engineer
 3 Executes plans, policies and procedures, applies knowledge of concepts and provides feedback Finance Executive, Analyst, Associate, Project Lead, Project Executive, Team Leads, Junior Relationship Manager, Patent Engineer, IP Administrative Officer


Important Notes:

  • Fees are inclusive of course materials, certificate of participation, lunch & tea breaks.
  • Corporate and Individual Members of MIS are entitled to 20% discount.
  • Companies are entitled to 5% discount for sending 3 or more participants to the same course on the same date.
  • All courses will be held at the Marketing Institute of Singapore, 410 North Bridge Road Singapore 188726 unless otherwise stated.
  • SDF Training Grant (for SDF-Approved Courses)
  • Marketing Institute of Singapore reserves the right to change or cancel the course due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Courses can be custom-designed to suit your department/organisation’s unique training requirements. 

    For any withdrawals or cancellation, participants will be subjected to the following charges:


  • Notice Period Withdrawal / Cancellation Charge
  • More than 14 days No charge
  • Less than 14 days 25% of course fee
  • Less than 3 working days or No-Show 100% of course fee
  • Replacements from the same company are allowed.


Entry Requirements

  • Nil

Delivery methods

  • Classroom

Assesment Methods

  • Nil

Graduation and Degree

  • Statement of Attainment (SOA) in BM WSQ Developing a Consumer Focused Marketing Message awarded by WDA

Commencement date

9 Jun 2014

Full/part time

Full Time

Length of course

2 Days

Course Price

$ 800.00

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