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Advanced Diploma in Business

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This course provide students with high quality teaching and learning experiences that are relevant to business and management careers. It help to develop subject specific knowledge and understanding appropriate to business and management careers, including organisational behaviour, personal financial planning and marketing channels. It prepare students for a career in business and management and progression to further study and develop ability to become autonomous learners and to reflect upon personal skill development, thus encouraging life-long learning.


Module Structure

The course consists of 23 modules amounting to a total of 966 contact hours for the full-time pathway and 690 contact hours for the part-time pathway. The programme is delivered over 30 months for both the full-time and part-time pathways.

  1. Introduction to Accounting and Finance
  2. Introduction to Sociology
  3. Introduction to Economics
  4. Introduction to Computing
  5. Introduction to Marketing
  6. Introduction to Management
  7. Business Finance 1
  8. Financial Markets
  9. Human Resource Issues Management
  10. Consumer Behaviour
  11. Data Analysis
  12. Introduction to Law
  13. Services Marketing
  14. Leading Organisational Change
  15. Business Finance 2
  16. Financial Accounting
  17. Human Resource Management
  18. International Business Environment
  19. International Marketing
  20. IT for Business
  21. Marketing Channels
  22. Organizational Behaviour Management
  23. Workplace Negotiations

English Language Proficiency

  • Foundation – IELTS 4.5 or Pass in GCE ‘O’ level English or pass in English Level 3 from AEC or equivalent
  • Diploma – IELTS 5.5 or pass in GCE ‘A’ level English or pass in English level 4 from AEC or Equivalent.

Entry Requirements

  • Foundation – GEC ‘O’ Levels or 9/10 years of school or Equivalent;
  • Diploma – AEC Foundation in Business or GCE ‘A’ level or 11/12      years of school or Equivalent
  • Advanced Diploma – AEC Diploma in Business or Equivalent
  • Minimum  age:  15 years old

Delivery methods

  • Classroom

Assesment Methods

  • Combination of formative and summative assessments

Graduation and Degree

  • Advanced Diploma in Business

Commencement date

Mar, Jun, Aug, Oct

Full/part time

Full Time

Length of course

36 Months

Course Price

$ 18,190.00

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